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A welcoming bundle of cut lavender; placed delicately on an old hardwood table. The soft wind drifting from the garden through an open door. Orange rinds and spices bubble in a pot on a nearby stove. 


Alleviate your worries and calm your mind with our Soothing Lavender And Vanilla Wax Melt. Allow the aromatics of the delicate orange, airy lavender, and warming vanilla to drift around you, lulling you into sensory bliss. This soft and relaxing blend of scents brings you instant comfort akin to cozying up with your favorite blanket and hot cup of tea on a cool day.


Scent Notes:

Top notes of soft florals and orange.

A heart of lavender, geranium, cardamom, and cypress.

A base of vanilla, warm woods, and patchouli. 


Our wax melts are made of the highest quality soy wax for a long-lasting flow of fragrance. Included in each set are eight individual wax disks, which are inlaid in a minimalistic black, resealable tin for optimum freshness.


  • An evocative blend of scents makes this melt perfect for easing the mind and the senses after a long and busy day.
  • Eight individually arranged wax disks are nestled in a black resealable tin, with a clear window for display. 
  • Our wax melts quickly fill your home with their alluring fragrance, inspiring an atmosphere of warmth and relaxation. 



Image by Sophie07

Soothing Lavender & Vanilla

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