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Pastel swirls of candy floss. Etched glass jars holding fluorescent candies, neverending, on the shelves of a bubblegum pink confectionery. Bouquets of lollipops and ribbons of sour sugar line the counters. An endless array of delectable sweetness awaits. 


Embrace the happiness and nostalgia of youth with our Sweet Shop Wax Melts. Allow the addictingly sweet aromatics of tart lemon, pink bubblegum, and sugary vanilla to fill you up with child-like wonder. This delightful and nostalgic blend of scents brings with it feelings of childhood innocence and exhilaration.


Scent Notes:

Top notes of tart lemon and orange.

A heart of bubblegum, apple, raspberry, pear, and pineapple.

A base of vanilla and spice.


Our wax melts are made of the highest quality soy wax for a long-lasting flow of fragrance. Included in each set are eight individual wax disks, which are inlaid in a minimalistic black, resealable tin for optimum freshness.


  • A sweet and fruity combination of scents makes this melt perfect for invoking a child-like feeling of joy and excitement.
  • Eight individually arranged wax disks are nestled in a black resealable tin, with a clear window for display. 
  • Our wax melts quickly fill your home with their alluring fragrance, inspiring an atmosphere of fun and nostalgia. 



Image by congerdesign

Sweet Shop

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