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Salt residue glistening on skin and hanging in the air. Wind whipping around you. Waves thundering underneath, hurling you towards a sun-soaked beach. Adrenaline pounding through veins as they crests. Suddenly, mountain views and the wide expanse of the shore surges closer. 


Experience the exhilaration and frenzied euphoria of catching your first wave with our Surfers Delight Wax Melt. Allow the fresh aromatic of the watery sea, coconut, and neroli to wash over you, renewing that mind and body connection. 


Scent Notes:

Top notes of refreshing seawater.

A heart of coconut, lily, jasmine, mango, nectarine, and plum.

A base of neroli, sandalwood, and patchouli leaves.


Our wax melts are made of the highest quality soy wax for a long-lasting flow of fragrance. Included in each set are eight individual wax disks, which are inlaid in a minimalistic black, resealable tin for optimum freshness.


  • An oceanic and invigorating blend of scents makes this melt perfect for creating a feeling of euphoria and stimulating your senses.
  • Eight individually arranged wax disks are nestled in a black resealable tin, with a clear window for display. 
  • Our wax melts quickly fill your home with their alluring fragrance, inspiring a crisp, clean atmosphere that uplifts the mind and revitalizes the senses.



Image by Kanenori

Surfers Delight

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£7.99Sale Price
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