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Snow crunching underfoot. A brisk breeze glides between towering evergreens, creaking the upper branches. Birds caw in the distance and a truck idles nearby, cutting through the otherwise quiet clearing. Imagination swirls at the potential of each choice. 


Embrace the exhilarating spirit of Christmas any time of year with our Oh Christmas Tree Wax Melt. Revel in the intoxicating aromatics of fresh pine needles, warm clove, and rustic fir balsam. This refreshing, woody blend of scents reinvigorates your mind and brings a sense of refreshment to your day.


Scent Notes:

Top notes of fresh pine needles.

A heart of warm clove, pimento, and cinnamon.

A base of rustic fir balsam and precious woods.


Our wax melts are made of the highest quality soy wax for a long-lasting flow of fragrance. Included in each set are eight individual wax disks, which are inlaid in a minimalistic black, resealable tin for optimum freshness.


  • A stimulating, earthy combination of scents makes this melt perfect for clearing your mind and revitalizing your energy.
  • Eight individually arranged wax disks are nestled in a black resealable tin, with a clear window for display. 
  • Our wax melts quickly fill your home with their alluring fragrance, inspiring an energized atmosphere that restores the mind and body.


Image by Monika

Oh Christmas Tree

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