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Vibrant orange and pink sunsets enveloping the hazy horizon. An orchard of sun-ripened fruits, purple-red in color, hanging temptingly low. The tart but sweet bite of a fresh-baked cobbler. The feel of the sun glistening on your skin. 


Bring the warmth and excitement of mid-summer home with you, with our Black Cherry Wax Melt. Allow the pure, heady scent of black cherries to overtake you, bringing you sweeping visions of sweltering days at the pool and sultry nights stargazing with a cold drink in your hand. This deliciously mouthwatering scent brings you an ambiance of rich relaxation and comfort to break you out of the dreariness of your day.


Scent Notes:

A pure scent of fruity, sun-ripened black cherries.


Our wax melts are made of the highest quality soy wax for a long-lasting flow of fragrance. Included in each set are eight individual wax disks, which are inlaid in a minimalistic black, resealable tin for optimum freshness.


  • An intoxicating, pure scent makes this melt perfect for invoking summertime exuberance and joy.
  • Eight individually arranged wax disks are nestled in a black resealable tin, with a clear window for display. 
  • Our wax melts quickly fill your home with their alluring fragrance, inspiring a relaxed but spirited atmosphere. 



Image by suju-foto

Black Cherry

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